AIF Reviews

Excellent first edition. Looking forward to many more. Ian Sloan

Stuart, this is fab! Really well done on this. Blue White

Fantastic - Looks great and a power of work put into this. Nicola Jones

Let me say how impressed I am with Issue One, it's very aesthetically pleasing. Ross McDiarmid

Well done! I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this project. Craig Morgan

Please check out this exciting new Fife magazine created by one of our recent exhibitors, Stuart Russell. Fotospace Gallery

Congratulations! A lovely magazine with beautiful artworks featured! Eve Allease

Have just seen the new issues, love them! Thankyou so much for including me. The Jamie Wardley interview is amazing, what a talent! Its so good what you are doing, I look forward to seeing more. Harriet Popham

Great work you're doing for the arts, thankyou! Fall For the Arts

I commend you Stuart! You are doing a cracking job promoting the arts in Fife. Gill Low

Your project gave us a really good opportunity to put over our perspective on expression and art. Very professionally done by yourself I must say. It was a pleasure to meet with an interviewer who actually wanted to hear what we wanted to say/talk about. Blair Denwette M.B.E

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